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Where Service is Our Priority

At US Supply House, service isn’t just a word; it’s our driving force since 2014. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability fuels us to provide nothing short of exceptional products and services for public, private, and non-profit customers alike.

Our dedication is crystal clear – a team of friendly individuals relentlessly striving to not only meet but surpass expectations every step of the way. When you choose US Supply House, you’re not just choosing a supplier; you’re partnering with a company that is deeply passionate about your success and equally devoted to fostering environmental health and well-being.

Happy Customers Are a Great Measure of Success

-Customer Service Team

Cultivating Sustainable Relationships

Beyond transactions, we prioritize building enduring connections. Experience customer service that exceeds expectations while making a positive impact on our planet.

Embrace Diversity, Embrace Change

At US Supply House, inclusivity is more than a value – it's our foundation. Celebrating diverse perspectives, we ensure our offerings cater to every unique need and preference, creating a space where everyone feels valued and heard.

Empowerment Through Education

Our commitment extends beyond solving queries. Our knowledgeable team stands ready to educate and empower you on your journey towards a greener future. From insights on product biodegradability to sustainable practices, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Experience the US Supply House difference today.

Customer Service Philosophy

Our customer service philosophy goes far beyond traditional standards. We prioritize our customers, excellent service, top-notch quality, and fast delivery. In the realm of biodegradable products and sustainable logistics solutions, exceptional customer service isn’t just a value; it’s a commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural sensitivity.


Uniquely Qualified

Certified to work with organizations of all types.