World Centric Eco Straw PLA Clear Unwrapped – 7.9″ – ST-CS-8 – 10,000/Case



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If there’s one thing you NEED to eco-out on, it’s straws.

Straws are increasingly becoming a problem for our planet, especially our oceans.

With all the media coverage on straws’ effects, most customers refuse to use traditional plastic straws. So, instead of wasting your money on them, switch to the type of straws that will be used and appreciated by all (especially our ocean dwellers.)

These clear compostable straws are made from Ingeo™, which is made from USA grown plants.

By swapping out your widely-despised petroleum-based plastic straws with these eco-friendly Ingeo™ straws, you’ll be giving yourself and the planet one step ahead.

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Weight 22 lbs
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PLA Corn Plastic Straws


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