There are a few reasons why you should be swapping your disposable food containers for sugarcane products.

Sugarcane can bring a lot of goodness to a food service business

And we’re not talking about taste.

Sugarcane isn’t just delicious for us, but ol’ Mother Nature has a thing for it as well.

Products made from sugarcane stalks are renewable and compostable meaning they work great as tree product alternatives.

As we’ve seen from the fact above, our global forests are in trouble.

Therefore, finding alternative disposable food containers that don’t rely on forest resources is vital.

Sugarcane-based products are a rapidly renewable alternative that gives our forests a chance to revitalize and renew themselves. This gives ourselves some peace of mind, and the Earth a long sigh of relief.

Check out our biodegradable, durable and all-around superstar sugarcane products below to get your business on the right track.

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