Plant Fiber

We love our plant fiber products.

And it just so happens that the Earth does as well.

Tons of different fibrous plants can be transformed into alternatives to tree-dependent paper products.

The most common plant fiber products are:


Our products are fully biodegradable, can handle hot liquids and are microwave and freezer safe. They beautifully combine reliability and eco-friendly and are some of our hottest selling products.

These products give the environment a boost by:

1. Saving forests: 5 tons of wood are required to make 1 ton of pulp for paper. However, only 1.5 tons of straw is required to make the same amount.

2. Requiring fewer toxic chemicals (sometimes none at all).

3. Relying on a renewable and sustainable resource.

4. Bringing more economic benefits to farmers.

So, what’s not to love?

Get your in-demand plant fiber products below and start impressing your customers today.

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