Eco-based Products For an Eco-focused Community

We supply 100% certified compostable, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly packaging, food service supplies and paper straws in Miami.

Quality, convenience and awesome service, every time.

Eco-friendly Food Service Supplies and Paper Straws in Miami, FL

We get it: You’re looking to step up your business game and meet your customers’ demands for eco-friendly products and paper straws in Miami.

Many of our clients dealt with the same issues…

Buying food service supplies and packaging that led to uninspired customers, an unhealthy planet and ultimately, an unlively business atmosphere, was a common complaint.

However get this:

Personalized, eco-friendly packaging and food service supplies bring momentum, excitement and unique vitality to food businesses, and we’ve seen it first-hand.

Especially when clients make the switch to paper straws.

The truth? Miami is wild for paper straws – and U.S. Supply house is the source. While other suppliers in the area are running out, we have your paper straws in bulk. 

What type of paper straws, you ask?

FDA approved and certified compostable straws offering dozens of colors, sizes and print options available upon request.

Change your business’ story. Give your customers what they want, when they want it. Boost your brand, make an impact, be fierce and help heal the planet while you’re at it.

We’re here to get you there.

Why are people moving to paper straws in Miami?

We all know: plastic waste is out of control, and it’s just not cool anymore.

In fact:

182,500,000,000 plastic straws are used every year in the US.

Also, at one of last year’s beach cleanups, 10 local bartenders collected over 400 straws within a two-block stretch of Miami Beach.

From beach-goers to nature lovers and all the individuals who hold a vision of a prosperous future close to their hearts are all in agreement: #strawssuck.

Join us in Miami’s movement to #stopsucking and help build a better city and, eventually, a better world for everyone we share our delectable Earth with.