U.S. Supply House Managing Partner and Sustainability Leader

Bruce’s mission is straightforward: To provide the best service for his community. By combining passionate business work with his drive as a sustainability leader, Bruce and his team provide optimum service to customers.

He does this by integrating skills developed from two specific experiences:

  • 15 years working on the ground for the Federal government
  • Community sustainability leader for a community liaison when his neighborhood was given bad soil

These experiences combined seem pretty, well… random. However, when put together in an environmentally-driven ecommerce leadership position, they become brilliant.

How His Experience as Government and Sustainability Leader  Helps Serve You Best

Bruce spearheaded the federal government consulting sector. This shows deep knowledge of how business is done on the highest professional level.

By leading an environmental community organization, he harnesses the skills required to provide services to individuals, based on love for his neighbours and the soil beneath their feet.

His consulting, environmental and community leadership background spurred action to distribute wholesale eco friendly products. Through this, he’s become an expert at providing the exact item a customer needs, when they need it, backed by Mother Nature.

In summary, Bruce’s skills result in premium service. The quality in his ecocentric products is always there, delivered 100% of the time.

While his skills deliver quality outcomes, his heart has lead him to this position as a sustainability leader in sustainable business and the foodservice disposables market.

His goal is to give people a purpose.

Without a purpose, negativity germinates. By building a successful, environmentally-conscious business that provides motivation, Bruce believes he can make his community a better place.

By inspiring a community, despite their background, upbringing or situation, to do something with passion means he’s part of the ecosystem as a whole.

And that, he believes, is the epitome of doing good.