World Centric PLA LID Souffle Cup – 2 oz – CPL-CS-2S – 2,000/Case



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PLA is the new material for today’s eco-conscious world.

Why’s that?

PLA is short for Poly Lactic acid. And while this scientific term doesn’t sound very eco-friendly, trust us on this one.

Ingeo® PLA looks, feels and acts like plastic, but without the harmful environmental effects. That’s because this eco plastic is made from corn and other plants derived from U.S.A.

These annually renewable resources can be made into durable products that suit customers’ needs and 100% biodegrade once composted.

This PLA lid is a perfect partner for your souffle cups and an even greater way to show your customers where you stand in terms of your environmental goals.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs