World Centric PLA LID Portion Holder – 9Q-24 oz – CPL-CS-12SH – 1,000/Case



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The great companion to your World Centric Clear Cold Cups, this dome lid will be sure to give your restaurant supply in Miami an efficiency boost.

Like their bottom partner, this lid is made of PLA or Poly Lactic Acid  which looks, feels and acts like plastic — but the earth loves it.

Made from US based corn and plants, PLA products like this lid are 100% compostable and biodegradable in any commercial composting facilities.

Throw these bubble hats onto your Clear Cold Cups during a takeout lunch rush and feel a true sense of stewardship towards Mother Earth. These guys work especially well for any cold coffee or frappuccino beverages!

Not only will you be doing the planet a favour, but you’ll be running your business like a leader in your community, adhering to your customer’s convenience and moral requirements.

Not too bad for just a cup lid!

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Weight 11 lbs