World Centric Fiber Souffle Cup – 4 oz – CU-SC-U4 – 1,000/Case



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These plant fiber-based souffle cups aren’t just great for Mother Earth. They’re also an awesome addition to your growing restaurant supply.

Miami is becoming more eco-conscious by the day, and these popular souffle cups are a great way to show your customers that you’re on board.

The main material used in these eco packaging cups is unbleached wheat straw fiber. There are two huge bonuses in using this material.

Wheatstraw is an annually renewable resource and can be made into sturdy, compostable products.

Sauces, dips, you name it. All turned into convenient, affordable and eco packaging.

These mighty little bowls are also microwave and freezer safe as well as soak proof. They can withstand hot liquids up to 220 Fahrenheit and on top of all that goodness, they meet the ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability.

Gluten-free and in line with FDA standards… must we go on?

Head to the checkout with a bundle of these multi-functional cups for your takeout needs for restaurant supply in Miami, FL.

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Weight 13.5 lbs