World Centric Eco Dinner Napkin 2-Ply – 15″ x 16″ – NP-SC-DN – 3,000/Case



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If you’re serving up some messy grub, takeout napkins are a must.

Customers usually expect a pile of napkins with their takeout food. Whatsmore, is customers are slowly starting to expect eco products as well.

Give your customers the full treatment with these 2 ply eco dinner napkins.

These napkins come from post-consumer waste paper.

While most napkins and tissues are made from tree fiber, these napkins keep trees standing.

These handy takeout buddies come from a recycling waste stream that doesn’t require any chemicals or bleach. Chemical-free and recycled eco products means a healthier planet and impressed (& clean!) customers.

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Weight 32.4 lbs